So I just took me a little vacation recently. Where did I go? The beach? The mountains? Some historic place full of culture and character? Nah. Just went to visit … Continue Reading →

dove flying

Grandfather Passing Away

So my grandfather passed away last week. He was a very stubborn and independent guy, but he was absolutely hilarious and I always felt like he was incredibly smart. On … Continue Reading →

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So I started playing poker on Twitch not too long ago (you can find the channel at http://www.twitch.tv/cavino82). So why would I broadcast to the entire world how I make … Continue Reading →

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Montezuma, Costa Rica with Mel Gibson

The backpacking trip has begun. My friend Ryan and I arrived in San Juan Del Sur about 4 days ago after leaving Montezuma, Costa Rica. First off, let me say … Continue Reading →

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Back in Costa Rica!!!

What’s up everyone!? I’m back at it again. After spending over a month back home in the states I’ve returned to the land of Pura Vida. So what’s new this … Continue Reading →



ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MARCH 14TH, 2013 So, I’m reading this article about Kabul to get the low-down about the bombing that happened there recently and so happy to know that … Continue Reading →


Beating Airport Customs Lines

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON DECEMBER 19TH, 2012 On the way back from Costa Rica I land in Miami.  As I’m entering customs I realize that the line is gonna take FOREVER!!! … Continue Reading →


Funny Poker Hit and Run

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON AUGUST 8TH, 2012 So I’m playing this guy named Synt3x on stars at $1/$2 and was putting a pretty severe beatdown on him.  After I stack him … Continue Reading →


Robbed at Gunpoint

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON JUNE 17TH, 2012 Awesome night. Made a G on the grind, had an amazing meal at Praha, and then got robbed at gunpoint. Myself and 4 other … Continue Reading →


Moving to Costa Rica

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON JUNE 12TH, 2012 So, I’ve chosen to move to Costa Rica to continue playing online poker. Everyone seems to be super excited for me because “Costa Rica … Continue Reading →